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The Apprentice Slot Machine

International Gaming Technology (IGT) designed and released a novel slot machine in the casino world known as The Apprentice Season Two Video Slots. The Apprentice slots are elements of Donald Trump' franchised and famous television show, he himself hosting since its inaugural telecast in 2003. The Apprentice Season Two slots game shows selected clip from the television show, including the familiar Trump's expression "You're fired". Apprentice Season video slot machine picks up from where season one ended where Donald trump choose the qualified candidate who will occupy a sensitive post in his business empire. The winning candidate is Kelly Perdew.

The Apprentice video slot machine is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot with a maximum 400 coins wager. Apprentice video slots utmost bet in certain circumstances can be raised by a side bet of 5 coins or more.

In much older models of The Apprentice AVP slots, 200 coins is the highest wager. This slot machine allows a penny to start a game, just like the 400-coin slot machine. The Apprentice Season Two slots games make do of Megajackpot progressive. Progressive jackpot can be reset by casino owner where these slot machines are located.

One bonus option of Apprentice slots offered to players is The Boardroom Bonus Game. It allows players to choose some characters in its boardroom. Each character corresponds to a certain amount of money. A bonus wheel located at the top of the slot machine is use for side betting.

Another option a player can use is the "free spin" bonus which is triggered when icons of the last four finalists of the Apprentice Season Two appear on screen. Each Final Four free spin icons has bonus multiplier that will help a player increase his credits up to 5x the current amount.

Different reviews are written and spoken by slot players about Apprentice Season Two Slots that's worth considering in playing this game. Compared to Apprentice Season One slots game, some people like this game more while others dislike this slot game and prefer playing Apprentice Season One slots instead. Players need not worry at all Omarosa is not part of Apprentice Season Two slot game.

I'm neither a fan nor a critic of the show but I can see the logic behind IGT's move to designed and distributed to gambling market Apprentice Season two slot machines. Donald Trump is an icon in the business world and putting his name in a slot machine will guarantee casinos a better profit. Avid fans of the television show will surely feel challenge hearing Donald trump telling them, "You're fired".