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Don't Lose Your Shirt to Slots

It's easy to lose track of time and just about anything else when you get so absorbed in the frenzy of your slots game. In fact, you could even lose your shirt if you don't watch the quarters that you have been loading into the slot machine are already running up to several tens of dollars chasing the jackpot that you swear seemed so close that you could almost smell it.

To keep you from losing more money than you would consciously allow yourself had you been situated differently, perhaps, you would like to follow some pointers that would make you a bit wiser in front of the one-armed bandit.

Time is always against you when playing slots. The more time you spend in front of a slot machine the greater the chances that it will take more of your money---remember that it was not called one-armed bandit for nothing. An effective way to control your time spend with a slot machine is to set a realistic win and loss limits. Your bankroll is the amount you are willing to lose to slots during a particular session. Your bankroll is synonymous to your loss limit. One-fourth of your bankroll is a realistic win limit. Once you winning reach your win limit, don't get greedy and aspire for more. Walk away and give yourself a treat courtesy of the house using part of your winnings. You deserve the money better than the slot machine.

To better control your time in front of a slot machine, you set an arbitrary number of coins to play in a slot machine. After using them all up on the machine of your choice, count the money you have lost or won. If you won some, continue your play using up the same arbitrary number of coins. Then count again. If your loss is more than your winnings, move on to another machine. No need for you to worry about this because the slots floor is filled with machine willing to give you another chance. This method allows you to try many slot machines and increases your chances of hitting on loose slots and compels you to frequently check your bankroll and prevent you from losing it all.

Another way to control your time in front of a slot machine is to adopt the "three strikes" method, which basically calls on you to count out your slots if it gives you three losing spins in a row. Slot machines are so random and unpredictable that you need to put order and system in your play and stick to it to increase your chances of at least keeping your shirt while enjoying your game.